Date: 2010-08-10 00:00:00 Language: c++ Status: development

Dragon Game

This is a rewrite of my Ludum Dare #17 entry Sheep Are Flammable . The gameplay of the original was sorely lacking, seeing as I only added it in the last few hours of the competition.

I also decided not to use the Irrlicht library due to some fairly fundamental discrepancy between its implementation and what I want it to do. I am using my own base code now, a collection of c++ classes that work on top of SDL. SDL is used for input handling and window creation. The classes are lifted from my various other projects, like wgd-lib . They are mostly independent of each other.

The game is currently around the stage of the original competition version (minus the music), but with better visuals.

Dragon Progress

I haven't done too much to the core game for a while. The current stage is to add the walking animations to the dragon, also the landing and taking off transitional animations. I decided to make them mostly procedural using inverse kinematics to accurately place the dragons feet.

The base code had evolved mush since my last post. For some reason my laptop has problems with SDL so I have removed that dependency. This was mainly to test my networking code in Chaos Arena.

I have been meaning to migrate some of my projects to github for a while now. My current version control system uses subversion on a flash drive for portability. Probably not the best solution.