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Date: 2010-04-25 00:00:00 Language: c++ Status: idle

Sheep Are Flammable

My entry to Ludum Dare 48hour competition #17 with the theme 'Islands'.

Fly around an archipelago of floating islands barbecuing all those delicious looking sheep.

The game play is very last minute because I ran out of time. I think I was a bit over ambitious with some of the technologies in this game. It has procedurally generated islands, a blend of procedural and key framed animation on the dragon, and some rudimentary AI for the sheep.

The music was made in the last 20 minutes, I think I did quite well with it considering its only the second piece of music I have made.
The first being in massacre. It was made with LMMS.

If you download the source, you need the data from the windows release. It requires Irrlicht 1.6, OpenAL and libVorbis.

The game uses the Irrlicht library mainly just for its model loading and animation. I've decided I don't like Irrlicht any more due to some irritating limitations, for example you can only apply XYZ rotations, you cant set matrices, or use quaternions. Even Pitch,Yaw,Roll would have been easier to use. Also the animation system was a bit annoying. I wanted to play multiple animations at the same time on different pars of the model, as well as procedurally animating some of it.

I may continue with this idea as I like the mechanics of the player. I have wanted to make a game featuring a flying creature as the playable character for a while now. I may have been overly ambitious with the procedural animation and generation for a 48hour game.

Press any key to start the game.
Mouse Move - Turn
Left Click - Burn stuff
Space - Take flight when on the ground.
W - Walk forward / flap wings
S - Move backward (incomplete)

Note: Try diving to build up speed.