Ludum Dare Timelapse
Date: 2011-12-18 18:31:25 Language: flash Status: development

Ludum Dare 22 - Batkeep

Here is the new and improved post-compo version of Batkeep. Play the original entry here.
Batkeep is a Castlevania inspired platformer game. Nothing too innovative.

The game is still far from completion, It is completable in the current state but it is fairly hard.

I spent a lot of time off on a tangent project Animtool to speed up creating animations for this game. All of the character animations here were created with this tool.

Next: New enemies and more levels...

Ported to html5

Ported this game to html5 so it can be played online again.

Ludum Dare 22

I should probably mention the latest Ludum Dare competition on here too.
Batkeep is a castlevania style platformer game. Unfortunately I ran out of time, mainly due to only spending about 12 hours on it as I was uninspired by the theme and had trouble deciding on a core game mechanic.

I used flash again so it is easy for people to just play it without having to download anything and avoid cross-platform problems that plague c++ development.