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Date: 2009-03-04 00:00:00 Language: c++ Status: released


Sokoboom was an entry to the Warwick Game Design February 2009 48Hour competition with the theme 'Explosions'. Our team consisted of Robert Goss and Philip Hazelden and I.

You have to move shapes to a target state by creating explosions.
Click anywhere on the screen to create an explosion.

The project uses SDL OpenGL and Alan's physics engine.

The game has 12 levels (made in the last 20 minutes of the competition).
I did start an editor after the competition, accessible by pressing 'e' when in the level select menu. That is unfinished though.
As a game, some more work could make it excellent. This is how it was at the end of the 48hours, plus the editor.

Sokoboom was the winner!