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Date: 2023-10-05 10:52:10 Language: c++ Status: development

The High Seas

This is the updated version. For the original jam entry click here

The governor is fed up with all the piracy and has dispatched the navy to resolve the problem.

You are a pirate escaping from the state into the open waters to the west, but why not make a little money as we go.
The ship’s hold can only contain so much though, so make good use of it.

- Trade goods can be bought and sold
- Additional crew improves the speed, handling and cannon reload rates
- Food is required to not starve
- Gunpowder is needed to fire your cannons
- Cannons are needed to fire at juicy looking merchants to relieve them of their goods
With all that we must still find room for the actual treasure. Feel free to jettison anything we don’t need.

WASD or mouse click to move.
Space to fire cannons if you have any.
M toggles the map.
I toggles your inventory.
Drag items out of your inventory to jettison them.
You can right click on items to quick trade.

The goal is to get to the far right of the map with as much treasure as possible.