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Date: 2009-07-15 00:00:00 Language: c++ Status: idle

Origins of Doom

This was an entry to the Warwick Game Design February 2009 48Hour competition with the theme 'Procedural Generation'. My team consisted of Robert Goss and I. We used OpenGL with SDL.

You basically fly through tunnels that are randomly generated and go on forever, and are beset by evolving caterpillers. Get a highscore by distroying as many as possible before they finally drain all of your energy.

The tunnel system worked well, but we failed to think up any decent gameplay to use it. Our initial design was for some kind of platformer using the tunnels, but that really wasn't going to work. We just put in something simple to make it playable.

You can manually fly around with the arrow keys or wasd. Click to fire the main laser.
You have a limited amount of laser energy, so use it wisely. This can be recharged by collecting blue stars. When you run out, you automatically switch to spinning blades. The green starts recharge your shields.

The results are in and this game came a close first place.