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Date: 2006-11-30 00:00:00 Language: java Status: released

Operation Meltdown

Beer is the first game I made in C++.
It is a platform game where you have to drink all the beer and get to the exit. The more you drink, the more blurry the screen gets.

There are about 19 levels filled with spikes, traps and lots of beer.
You also cant see where you have not yet been so you never know what awaits.

I initially wrote this game in Visual Basic in 2003, so I had all of the art, levels and the concept ready. I did most of the programming on the train from Coventry to Penzance.

The game is written using Allegro.

Edit: Apparently Allegro's timers seem to cause all my games to freeze on exit, so I have removed this code.