Date: 2009-10-12 00:00:00 Language: cpp Status: released

The Alan Massacre

A research facility had an accident with one of its cloning machines. Someone spilt their coffee over the controls causing hundreds of deranged clones of Alan to crawl out of the depths of the machinery. Not wanting to admit this mishap, the scientists fired up their portable teleport generator and sent all the clones to a small unnamed island in the middle of a large unnamed ocean.

The island became overrun with rabid Alan clones milling around looking for something to irritate.

Then someone found a shotgun...


The game is high score based. You get 5 points for each kill, 20 for a head shot, and 15 for a very long distance kill.
There is also a score multiplier that goes up with every successful kill, but it decreases with time and by missing the target.

There are 100 Alan clones in the level and they do not respawn so there is a maximum score you can get.
The game also keeps track of the number of Alan's you killed and the time taken for score comparison.

There are a few game options that are set as parameters to the application:
  -a number : Override the maximum number of alans spawned
  -t number : Draw this many trees, default 1000
  -r widthxheight : Set the game resolution, default 1024x768
  -f : Start the game in full-screen mode
  -m : Mute the music

The is a strange intermittent bug where the lighting will be turned off when the game starts, haven't figured out why is happening yet.

This game is a response to Alan's weekly challenge to create a game in which you kill Alan.
This is also a test to get music into a game, something that drastically improves the quality and experience of any game and yet tends to be left out of most of my projects. This is my first attempt at creating some background music for a game.
The download includes a Win32 binary and the source code so it can be compiled in Linux. It needs Irrlicht, OpenAL and Vorbis to build.