Ludum Dare Timelapse Source
Date: 2012-04-22 21:08:33 Language: flash Status: idle

Ludum Dare 23 - Dimensional

Beargh, This is what it ended up as...

You have to get to the end point to be awesome.
Arrow keys to move.
Touch a dimensional orb to blend the dimensions together.
Blended dimensions appear as coloured circles in the top left.
Click on one to drop it and leave that dimension.

Made in about 5 hours after restarting from a complete mess.

It is still not even close to my original vision, with gameplay elements hacked in during the final ten minutes of the competition. I originally started the competition with a different game idea which I abandoned. Details here.

Timelapse video of the competition here.

I needed to do much more planning and design before I started coding. Hopefully I will learn from this for the next competition.

I will upload a more complete version of this game soon ...