Ludum Dare
Date: 2022-10-09 06:00:46 Language: c++ Status: development

The Cult of the Ancient One

Originally my entry to Ludum Dare #51. This is an updated version.

The Ancient One is awakens, Our cult must build a statue to appease Him.
We must offer regular sacrifices to quell his anger until the statue is complete.
We should also recruit more members to out cult so spread the word of His greatness.
Cultists will automatically collect sacrifices from the prison to perform the ritual as long as they are not assigned to something else.

Travel to other locations using the direction marker.

Convert new cultists by placing them in the comfy chair.
WASD to move camera, Middle mouse to rotate.
Left click to select cultists
Right click to give orders
Ctrl+left click and drag to issue multiple attack/collect orders.