Date: 2007-03-01 00:00:00 Language: java Status: idle


Entry to a 48hour competition with the theme 'Evolution'.

Blobber was originally intended to be a game where you evolve different parts of your body to make progress. If you did lots of running about, you might evolve a new pair of legs to let you run faster, or if you did lots of jumping, your legs might grow bigger, letting you jump higher. But it's currently just a cool-looking blob running up and down hills and occasionally falling through them.

It was created by Alan Hazelden and Sam Gynn. All images were created by Sam, and the coding was done mostly by Alan.

* Left/Right: Move Blob
* Up: Jump
* Down: Roll up into a ball (very buggy)
* Space: Evolve bigger legs
* Enter: Evolve more legs
* P: Pause
* Q: Reset