Date: 2007-04-27 00:00:00 Language: c++ Status: released

5000 AD

5000 AD is a turn based strategy game.

Each player starts with one planet, with the goal of eliminating all other players.
The game is multiplayer with up to six players, you can also play against the computer.

I wrote most of this game on the train between Coventry and Penzance. These long train rides seem to be very productive in writing games.

How to play
You start off with one planet. Each planet has an amout of metal and energy generated each turn.
Energy is a global value that can be used from any planet, If you dont use all your energy in a turn, the remainining energy is wasted.
Metal can only be used from the planet is originated from, but it will build up if not used.

Each planet can build ships, or launch a fleet.
A ship costs 1 energy unit and 1 metal unit to build.
Launching a fleet takes 1 energy unit, and you set how many ships are in this fleet.

You can have a maximum of two fleets traveling at any time. These fleets travel through subspace, and can appear at any planet within their range from the originating planet. Click the 'Land ships' button to see if the fleet can land on any planet. Possible planets will be highlighted blue, or the colour of the player if the planet is owned.

To attack an inhabited planet, land a fleet on the target. If your fleet has more ships than the planet, you will claim the planet (with some losses).

When you have finished building ships and moving forces, click the 'End turn' button.