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Yup, yet another competition.
The theme for this one was 'Evil'. My team made an RTS where you are commanding a horde of minions to take control of the world. The game is called Mythical Chaos. This was the first RTS I've written, I have wanted to make one for a long time as it is one of my favourite genres of video game.
This game was written using the new version of WGD-Lib.

Well the results seem to be a bit messy for this one, and I cant find them. I think we came second...


Not a great deal really. Currently looking for programming jobs in the video game industry and working on various projects, mainly the WGD-Lib library and various simple demos that use it.
The main one being Wii-fly which is a multiplayer flight sim type game controlled using wiimotes. There are some problems with the windows version (ie wiimotes dont work yet) so I have not uploaded a binary for it. Follow the link for more info and screenshots...

There is also a newer version of Treegen in the works that uses the latest version of the library. This version has more options for creating a wider variety of trees for games. Also it is much easier to integrate in to other games that use the library due to its modular design.
I'll try to update the WGD-Lib website soon to have information about all this stuff.

Another update

Well aparently I rewrote my website again...

Yet another competition

These 48 hour competetions are all I ever seem to write about here, but yes there was another one recently. This one however was not based on a picked theme, but each team had a name from the video game name generator.
We made Day of the Trampoline Assasins, and came third in this one.

Another 48hour competition: Transport

Last weekend the Warwick Game Design society had another 48hour long competition to make a complete video game from scratch. The theme for this competition was 'Transport'. My team's entry was called Pineapple! where you have to transport a pineapple through a level. More information on our entry here, or download it directly for anyone who is too lazy to click more than one link.

48hour Game making competetion

Well the competetion was actually quite a while ago, but as I hardly ever update this website anyway I thaught it was a good thing to mention.

Anyway, we had 48 hours to make an entire game from scratch using the theme 'Time'. The game we made was a platformer set on the inside of a clock, the game is played in 2D inside a 3D environment.
More information here.

Nothing is Something

It simply depends whether you define the word "Nothing" as the item in question because being a word, it consists of letters which are definately not nothing. Alternatively nothing could be taken literally as the entity nothing in which case it is definately nothing at all. The problem is of perspectives and interpretation of a bizarre question that is not even worth thinking about unless you happen to be incredibly bored one evening (or even morning or any other time of ay come to that). Seing that this is a fundemental question that could puzzle absolutely nobody of any relevence or even sanity. The problem with badly constructed and terribly written crap like this is that it takes a lot of time to read and/or write and is frankly not worth the effort to even attempt to think about evcen trying to comprehend. There is simply no point even starting to read any crap like this so i wonder at anyone who has got this far and seriously ask them to reconsider for thier sanity as much as anything else.

When one ends up spouting nonsence like this there is no time to go back to correct any spelling mistakes ane useless grammar and the odd potatoes stuck with the higly adhesive side of an elephant to the front of a large conifreous wood. Unfortunately these potatoes get everywhere. Help!!!! - we are being arracked by rampaging killer hords of bannana splits armed with custard... Why am i writing about food? Maybe im hungry...


The problem with hunger when spouting junk is that i can never ba bothered to get out of this chair and hunt down anything remotely edible.

I think it would be a lot more productive to do something like programming or sleeping or something instead of creating useless jumk that no-one is ever going to read including me because there is absolutely no point whatsoever. I cant even remember what i was even writing about if there even was anyhing to write aboutin the first place, i mean look at the title which incidently i wrote about a year ago before i decided to continue with anything remotely like anything to accompany it on this page. The title simply sums up exactly the amount of anything even remotely interesting or useful in this place.

The next instalment of crap which i have randomly started again for no aparent reason may add to the numerous quantity of words in this page, tening towards more nothing than ever before. The addad bonus of such utter nonsence is to tear away your senses hence the name nonsence. In the ancient language of Blog, the idea of nonsence was derived from the script stealing all of the readers senses to try to fill the void of the 'non' part of the word. The nonsense, in that respect is designed to divert yousr senses towards the general direction of furher on, but mainly to completely and utterly waste your time as you read. i also think that it is time for annother paragraph.

Thinking about what random subject to hint against next in this page is a major part in writing rubbish. although actually writing the stuff takes absolutely no time at all as the words just flow into each other like a rather demented stream of purple gloop sliding down the face of the great green mountain of Gloobanica. This ficticious place that ive just made up resides in the jungles of Kelimundo near the fire swamps that hold the world record of the longest pile of purple potatoes in the entire history of three seconds. The place also is the residence of the one and only Great Blue Graag. This legendary creature is the guardian of all things and has a peculiar liking of purple potatoes, which it goes far and wide to collect. this is the sole reason why you will hardly ever see any purple potatoes in your stew.

Anyway, i think that ive steayed from the plot. What plot i hear the big silence shout out. Well i was actually on the vague subject about thinking about the transition between the mind and the keyboard. This doesn't accout for much but it is a relitively important stage of the intricate process of getting these complete ramblings onto the screen.

Anyway - hey i started the last paragraph with anyway - must be catching!

Well my wabsite has been broken for the last couple of weeks or something and ive finally got round to updating something on it. Interestingly this is not the place to plonk any kind of strange and unedifying news that may just see fit to conquer the known universe - that is the universe that ius known to my hamster, who incedently died about threee years ago. the sole p[urpose of this particular page is to convey a whole lot of useless junk from the top of the monumental heap of nothing to yuor eyes and wasting a lot of time in the process.

This process that i mentioned involves lots of complex equations of motion and mind that even go to the mind boggling enigma of one plus one, which as we all know is seven! If any of you brave or senseless people who have actually got this far without growing agitated, hurling the monitor out of the window and gone screaming down the street and ending up in a duck pond three weeks later, you should definately see a good psychiatrist or even an executioner.

After completely losing the thread of the last paragraph i have decided that it is time to join the gentle flow of the stagnant gale of dead calm that is drifting slowly towards my bed at about 100 miles per hour.