Date: 2010-11-30 12:21:59 Language: c++ Status: idle

Chaos Arena

I designed this game to test my networking code.
For some bizarre reason, it doesn't seen to run in windows vista so I haven't actually managed to test. Kinda defeats the purpose of the project. I have tested the networking code with my laptop, which for some irritating reason refuses to run anything with OpenGL. I have been meaning to look into that for ages, but I hardly use the thing and it is really crap anyway.

I made this into a more fully fledged game to test out an idea.
The game is basically a multi-player death-match battle where you can shoot, but you also have shields to reflect bullets and trap adversaries.

- wasd or arrow keys to move
- left click to fire bullets
- right click to fire shield
Note: Your own bullets can kill you after bouncing off a shield so don't fire them together.