Webcomic Reader

Like many people, I tend to read far too many webcomics. Keeping track of them all can be annoying so I looked around for something to do that for me. I found surprisingly little. The best thing was a program that did pretty much exactly what I wanted: yawr. There were a few problems with it, the main one being that it crashes ALL THE TIME!

The solution - write my own. This program is written in Java and does everything yawr does and more, for example filters, zoom, error reporting etc...
Get it from my applications page or follow the link above to get it and see the awesomeness, and get totally hooked on some of the great webcomics around.

Also, I think it's a wise choice to decdie not to narrow your skills down to just webcomics. Though I don't think anyone would stop you from making the occasional webcomic.I 'd. I lol'd. Much internet satisfaction came from your comics.