The Alan Massacre

Uploaded a new game today: The Alan Massacre. Basically hunt alan clones with a shotgun.
It was written for a challenge set by Alan to make a game with the theme 'Kill Alan', and continued for his later challenge to finish a game. It could still do with more stuff but it is good enough as a quick game.

I also updated my website again - the backend that nobody else will see is now even more slick. The project form now has dynamic link adding, file and image uploading. I can add, remove and reorder the link input boxes. Yay for JavaScript. I also updated my markup that is used for the journal section and the project descriptions to include images and hyperlinks.

Finally got round to fixing the development tab of the projects page to include projects that im currently developing, rather than everything not marked as released. Been meaning to do that since I rewrote the page a long time ago.